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2014 Directory of California Manufacturers® and Industrial Database

Looking to identify and contact California manufacturers and their decision makers? The 2014 Directory of California Manufacturers® and industrial database profile 27,489 businesses and 78,827 executives by name & title. Each California company profile contains up to thirty detailed facts. The Directory of California Manufacturers® is published each March and has 2,544 pages. The California industrial database is available as a live subscription with 24x7 access from any PC, Mac, tablet, or smartphone. Data is researched firsthand by MNI to ensure the highest level of accuracy.
Directory of California Manufacturers®
California Manufacturers Database
2014 Directory of California Manufacturers® in Print
Companies: 27,489 Executives: 78,827 Price: $223
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EZ Select® 12 Month Online Database Subscription*
Full Version - All Employees
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  Companies: 27,490 Executives: 66,287 Price: $968
Full Version - 20+ Employees
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  Companies: 13,630 Executives: 39,768 Price: $848
Basic Version - All Employees
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  Companies: 27,490 Executives: 66,287 Price: $339
*The Full version of EZ Select® includes all features. The Basic version excludes such features as bulk export, labels, reports, exclude, and browse. The quantity of companies and executives may fluctuate over the course of your subscription based on current data. The one time annual cost includes 12 month single user access to the live database. Subscriptions do not auto-renew. Multiple user licenses are available at a 90% discount off the retail price, with a $25 minimum and a $250 maximum.
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Leading California Industries by Employment:
17% Electronic and other electric equipment
12% Food and kindred products
12% Industrial machinery and equipment
9% Transportation equipment
8% Instruments and related products
Largest California Manufacturers by Employees:
Google, Inc. (Mountain View) - 25,500
Northrop Grumman Aerospace Systems (Redondo Beach) - 10,000
Apple, Inc. (Cupertino) - 10,000
Warner Bros. Entertainment, Inc. (Burbank) - 9,000
Adobe Systems, Inc. (San Jose) - 8,500
Intel Corp. (Santa Clara) - 8,500
CA Counties with the Most Industrial Jobs:
Los Angeles - 482,369
Santa Clara - 218,482
Orange - 213,558
San Diego - 136,612
Alameda - 83,894
CA Cities with the Most Manufacturing Jobs:
Los Angeles - 80,744
San Diego - 73,889
San Jose - 65,979
Irvine - 47,441
Santa Clara - 34,485
Latest California Industry News:
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